Using a Saab APC box for a knock light

The Saab APC  ECU originally controlled boost in the Saab 900 turbo.  I prefer to use it just for a knock light.  How do you do that?

1. 7566599 Get an APC box and the knock sensor.  Part 7566599 seems to be the most common.  Components Beware of the earlier gray boxes, they are not as accurate or reliable.  Do not cut the knock sensor part of the harness.  It's a shielded wire and should be left alone.  Snipping about 6 zipties and carefully pulling the connector and wire out of the car is all it takes.  You can cut the larger part headed to the fuse box, just make sure to leave a few inches to patch into.  The knock sensor is under the IM.  A long extension and 12mm socket will help in removal.
2.  Wire it up.  Here's the original diagram.wiring   
Here's what you really need
Wire color
Knock Sensor, should be connected already
5 Black
"+" 12v ign switched.
Your choice
LED knock light, connect to "-" side of LED.  Remove an un-needed wire, like Pin 20, and insert into Pin 19 on the connector.  Radio Shack sells 12v LED's with integrated resistors that work great.
25 Blue/Red
RPM signal from ignition coil, use the "-" terminal.  Acts as a noise filter, running without this will cause an over active knock light.

3. Mount the knock light where you can see it, right next to your boost gauge is usually a good option.

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