-The Car: 1989 Audi 90 quattro
-Color: Ginster Gelb, Black Leather
-Engine: 2.2L I-5 Turbo
-Suspension:  2Bennett Coil-Over System, Koni Struts
-Miles: 215,000
-Best 1/4 mile: 11.48 sec.@122 mph.
-Dyno, uncorrected  434 whp, 391 ft/lbs 104 octane
                                  364 whp, 322 ft/lbs. 91 octane
SAE 544 whp, 491 ft/lbs 104 octane
           SAE 456 whp, 403 ft/lbs. 91 octane

   Turbo Conversion   Engine/Turbo Conversions

   Header   10v Turbo Header Build

      Suspension & Brakes         



Companies that deserve
special credit

More pictures of my car before the conversion.

Description and pictures of how I put two bulbs into the city lights position on my Euro lights.

Saab APC Knock Light

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